Digital Media Producer


James Devlin-Braswell, mononymously known as Devlin, was born September 1985 in Newport News in Virginia. Between 1988 and 1999 he moved from Virginia and lived in Hawaii, North Carolina, and Germany. After Germany, Devlin returned to Newport News and graduated from Denbigh High.

By study, Devlin is a political scientist. He received his BA in Political Science from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. As much as Devlin has a passion for politics and being an advocate for the people, he has always had a passion for the arts and entertainment. Devlin began, like most, performing in and working behind-the-scenes in school productions. He was able to gain experience in theatrical productions, television productions, radio production and on-air talent, hosting award & talent shows, as well as tour planning and execution by the age of 21.

Upon graduation, Devlin joined the Air Force Reserve and remained in Atlanta, working for various companies in compliance and government relations while performing his Air Force duties part-time at Dobbins ARB. He also remained working freelance in media and the entertainment industry. During this period Devlin was able to work with media mogul Disney on their made for TV film Let It Shine. He was also able to work on various projects at Tyler Perry Studios while in Atlanta. Devlin has also been featured on various media outlets such as Huffington Post Live, Bossip, CBS’s Insider, & World Star Hip Hop to name a few.

In 2014, after a series of life events, Devlin began his own television and film production company named after his grandmother who passed that same year. Devlin’s goal is to bring media to positive media representative of various cultures across the globe. Currently, Beverly’s Bowens Productions only has 1 project completed, but will be actively working to release more project over the coming years.

Devlin has always been a philanthropist by giving his time and resources. Starting at the age of 4 he would go to the nursing home and regularly to play bingo, checkers, and just be of entertainment. He has since maintained this title by continuing to donate time volunteering and giving a portion of any income to charity. His beliefs are anchored in the fact that if people loved themselves understand we’re solely mirror reflections of each other, we would treat each other better and the world could be a better place.

While he may be single with no children, Devlin’s most important aspect of life is his family. He comes from a very large and close family. Currently, Devlin resides in Washington, DC where he is continuing pursuing career and business ventures in media.